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Rangeland early warning system for Namibians

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We conducted a user survey via email to learn more about how users interact with our information products. Click here to view the results.

Map Products

We have a variety of map products that are updated every 10 days during the growing season (October to end May). Click here to view our map products

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Rangelands News

New product! Regional Greenness Graphs

The progression of the Greenness Index over the current season is summarized per region. The graphs are updated monthly and give a regional overview of the current season’s greenness patterns relative to the long-term average. This product will be updated monthly and is available on the Products page.

Rangeland Fodder Flow Planner App (Android and iOS)

The Fodder Flow Planner is a simple tool designed to aid rangeland users in southern African drylands to annually set realistic livestock and game stocking rates. In the App the user specifies the size of the land, estimated herbaceous biomass available at the end of the rainy season and the current numbers of livestock and…